[iconheading type=”h1″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-th-list” color=”#494949″]IAR Campus[/iconheading] The Islamic Academy of Riverside (I.A.R.) began in 1995-96, in a newly constructed facility. The school building, approximately 7,000 square feet, consists of administrative offices, air-conditioned classrooms, a kitchen and cafeteria, an auditorium, and spacious playground. Since 1995-96, there have been numerous projects held to improve the school’s appearance and the facility itself. The school building has gone through numerous years of change, from lock changes and paint color, to internal remodeling of the auditorium and bathrooms.

The administrative offices consist of a secretary’s space, a conference space, and chief administrative office. The administrative offices are located in the front of the school, right off the main entrance.
The classrooms are the most important aspect of IAR, averaging around 450 square feet, classrooms have been improved to accommodate on average 20 students. The Kindergarten classroom, 500 square feet, has the perfect environment for the young students to learn the concepts of the core classes along with the religious and language classes. The classroom is carpeted approximately 270 square feet, and the remaining 230 square feet consists of wooded flooring. IAR has 9 classroom spaces, approximately tiled 400 square feet, which accommodate 20 students. These classrooms are used to teach our 1st-6th grade levels. Other than our Kindergarten and First Grade, all classrooms are specific to a certain subject matter, from the core classes like Math, English, Science and Social Studies to our extracurricular Arabic Language and Islamic Studies.
Technological advances in IAR include: SMART Boards, portable Ipad lab, library, IT lab, and the school’s very own 3D Projector. The Kindergarten classrooms, along with 4 other classrooms, contain a newly installed SMART Board. The installation of these SMART Boards has moved the school into the technological era, allowing teachers to prepare interactive lessons to further increase the knowledge and understanding of the concepts and curriculum being taught. IAR has its very own Portable Ipad library, consisting of 12 brand new, 4th generation Ipads. These Ipads are used for JiJi Math powered by the Mind Institute. JiJi Math is a program that compels students to find the problem and come up with the solution with no words being uttered. This program is currently being used by all grade levels here at the IAR and has shown tremendous amounts of improvement in the subject. IAR also has an individual portable building specifically for the use as a library. The library consists of not only books, but 8 computers. Students are taught how to use these computers, their programs, Microsoft Office tools, and more. The 3D projector, located in the cafeteria for entire school use, has been a great addition to IAR. The projector is intended but not limited to the use of 3D Science and Innovation, learning about the Planets and Solar system, animals and habitats, and much more.
The other spaces in the building consist of an auditorium, the kitchen and cafeteria, and bathrooms. The auditorium is approximately 1240 square feet with a built in stage. This auditorium is used on a daily basis, for morning devotion, along with consistent student performances and award ceremonies. The newly remolded student restrooms consist of 2 stalls and 3 sinks. The kitchen, a small but well built area, containing a microwave, fridge, sink, and more is the perfect area for the teachers and parents to come together to serve hot lunch every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
The playground and athletics facility are amazing. IAR has 2 playgrounds, one located directly behind the school and the other adjacent to the main building. The smaller playground behind the school is used specifically by our Kindergarten class. The adjacent playground is used by the 1st-6th grade students. The athletics facility continues to a full length outdoor basketball court, which the P.E. instructor uses on a 4 day basis.
Overall, the school has seen many changes over the past few years, from the internal remodeling to the technological advances. Although there are a few areas that still need improvement, the Islamic Academy of Riverside has begun walking in the right direction.

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Hot Lunch will be served Monday- Thursday . Lunch will include a hot meal and juice. The lunch fee is $5.00 per meal. Parents can order lunch on sycamore website, where the menu is updated too and pay for it in the office in order to receive their meals. Thank you. Contact office for the […] Read More

Picture Day on October 23rd 2017. No uniform, payment does not need to be made until the pictures arrive. Only choose your background and design.  Thank you. Read More

State testing will take place from Mon.8th- Fri.May 12th . Please make sure students are here on time at 8:00 am everyday. If a student is late and testing has already started they will not be allowed to enter the classroom and will have to make up the test a different day. Please make sure […] Read More

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